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Evermay's First Summer Concert; Uber Ice Cream Delivery

GEORGETOWN—The summer concert series on the grounds of Evermay begins next Wednesday, July 18 at 7:30 p.m. Called the Overtures Series, the line up ranges from classical to even more classical with many award-winning performers. Tickets are $50 each and includes complimentary on-site valet parking. [OfficialSite]

UBERWIRE—It's hot outside and Uber is going to hook you up with ice cream deliveries this Friday the 13th. For a mere $12 you can have five ice cream cones delivered to you via an ice cream truck (with the option to order more once the truck arrives). Just order from your Uber app. Also first time Uber riders can get $15 off their first ride with promo code ICECREAMDC. [Uberblog]


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