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Hot Rentals In Or Near Ft. Totten For Under $1500

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So Fort T may not be all that right now, but give it time, and it'll find its stride. Only one stop north of Petworth and 2 of CHeights, Totten is on the cusp on becoming another over-exposed and too-easily-satired nabe. But until then, if you want to get on the ground floor of what may be the next social nexus in the city and you don't want to commit to homeownership, take a look at these rentals. You definitely get a bit more for your money in this hood.

· The Ten Least Expensive Properties In Or Near Ft. Totten [CDC]

3. 103 Missouri Ave NW
Monthly Rent: $1,495
Bedrooms: 1
The Perks: If you think Ft. Totten didn't do "chic", then think again. Brought to you by City Chic Real Estate, these people are "Smart, Savvy and Hip!" Plus, the don't like Oxford commas and seem to excessively capitalize. And on their portfolio is a 1 bedroom with high-end designer finishes, in-unit laundry, and plenty of classy touches. The only thing you'll be on the hook for is the electricity bill.

2. 4520 Ft. Totten Dr NE
Monthly Rent: $1,100
Bedrooms: 1
The Perks: With 675 sq.ft. of living space, this 1 bedroom is in the tropical paradise-sounding Hawaii Garden Apartments and a short walk from FT Metro. There's plenty of storage, off-street parking, and controlled-access in this professionally-managed building.

1. New Hampshire Ave & Farragut St NW
Monthly Rent: $795
Bedrooms: 0
The Perks: For one, the price is pretty sweet. For two, you get 450 sq.ft. of apartment living space. For three, you're only a short walk from the Metro. And four, the rent is inclusive of everything except a "summer a/c fee".