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Louis XVI Decamped To This Bethesda Manse

Over-the-top real estate is nothing new to this area given the recent sale of a faux White House and the planned (but cancelled) Versailles-esque palace in Great Falls. While this Bethesda mansion might appear demure on the outside, its interior tells a whole different story. The 6 bedroom, 8 full-bath, 2 half-bath manse is filled with chandeliers, Romanesque columns, a golden harp, gilt finishing, lavish draperies, and many other pre-French Revolution-inspired pieces. But austerity is not a word uttered here even after reducing its ask from $6,395,000 to $5,995,000. And if worse comes to worst and the plebeians revolt, you can always hide in your manicured gardens or the "secluded pool and sports court" and hope for the best.

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