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DC Developer Scores Big In China

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Lessard Design is taking its practice to another international real estate locale: China. The Washington-area architectural and design firm has its hands in many of the region's big developments, including the Arts District in Hyattsville, the $107 million mixed-use project at the Rhode Island Metro, the Meridian at Grosvenor, and the Metropolitan at Reston Town Center. Lessard Design even has Dubai and Trump properties on its portfolio and will add the Nanjing Technology Community to its litany of projects. The Chinese development will be nearly 4.3 million sq.ft. of office space for Nanjing's tech entrepreneurs. Allowing for plenty of open space, the development's designs might be understated by Chinese standards, but it would be right at home in DC where architectural brashness rarely occurs. Check out the awesome video of the planned project after the jump.


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