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Hill Home Seeks A Well-Wheeled And Well-Connected Buyer

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There's no beating around this listing: If you've got a well-paying job tied to federal dollars, this seller is looking for you. Located on the cusp between Capitol Hill and Hill East, this 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath house is seeking a lobbyist, fundraiser, or maybe even an accommodating intern (*wink *wink) for this abode of "Presidential proportions". And it's also seeking $1,453,777 Presidential bills, which is down from its original ask of $1,575,777. There's room for more than 50 cars across the street, so if you need to host a swanky fundraiser or a trashy faux frat party, you'll have the space for plenty of wheels. And to drive the point home that there's so much here that's over-the-top, the listing says you'll "freak out" over the storage space. But since this ain't our first rodeo, this Hill house will really have to deliver to witness us lose our cool.

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