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Ten-Foot Long Cigarette Found Slaughtered, Left For Dead

The stealing just won't stop. A telephone pole that had been turned into a piece of art depicting a really long cigarette was stolen last week and no one had any leads about what happened to it (or how the thieves maneuvered it off the front lawn where it was had been on display). But a break in the case has led to some disappointing news. The cigarette had been chopped into several chunks, two of which were found behind Takoma Park Middle School (the Post has the pictures). The filter end of the cigarette is still missing and police plan to look at the surveillance tapes to see if they can find any clues about the culprits. But in the meantime the couple who created the art piece in the first place have called the telephone company to see if they can buy a replacement. You just can't keep a good pole down.

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