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Popularise Announces H Street Plans; Potomac Gardens And Hopkins Plaza To Be Redeveloped

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H STREET—The crowd-sourcing website that asks the public what they want to see built in their neighborhood has announced the plans for the building at 1351 H Street NE. They will bring a "curated fashion and culinary boutique" called Maketto to the space. The store will be a collaboration between the restaurant Toki Underground and the clothing store DURKL and should be up and running by early next year. [OfficialSite]

POTOMAC GARDENS—The DC government is planning on re-developing the public housing at Potomac Gardens and Hopkins Plaza into a mixed income rental/homeownership development. UPDATE: The blog where we pulled this from has been updated to say that this plan is not under consideration and DCHA chose the Capper/Carrollsburg site instead. [SIMN]

Popularise Building

1351 H Street NE, Washington, DC