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Regal Residence In National Cathedral's Shadow

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame this isn't. A well-proportioned home from 1926 sits across from the esteemed Maret School and behind one of the city's most iconic monuments, the National Cathedral. With a solid footprint, the 6 bedroom, 5.5 bath home is classy to the max. With a wine storage facility to keep everything lubricated and a pre-wired media setup to ensure the party begins once you step your well-heeled feet inside, this is the crib for those with taste. From the built-ins to the expansive rooms, there's so many places to rest, relax, and/or rendezvous. Just make sure you've got $2,299,900 to drop so you can live the high life. And don't forget to budget for wine to fill up those cases. No one wants to come to a dry party.

· Listing: 3001 Cathedral Ave [Redfin]