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An Ice Cream Parlor For The Kids And A Hydraulic Lift For The Car Lovers

On the same street as one of the houses on our list of most expensives is this cottage-style house that is so much larger than a cottage. The seven thousand square foot home is hanging out on Great Falls' Innsbruck Avenue and, yes, it does have an ice cream parlor in the basement (near the home theater and wet bar with active fountain).

Next to the house is one of the garages that comes with a hydraulic lift for the car mechanics out there and not far away from that is the private lake, pool, and guest house. We've pasted some pictures above to give you an idea of what it looks like inside (in case you can't watch YouTube from your office), but if you want to see that garage that is a mechanic's heaven and the fountain in action, plus more extras, your best bet is watching the three minute video. The asking price for this six bedroom is $4,795,000.

· Listing: 505 Innsbruck Avenue [Sotheby's International Realty]

· Video Tour: 505 Innsbruck Avenue Great Falls, VA [YouTube/Sotheby's]

Photos from Sotheby's