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Top Five Home Sales In DC In The Last Week

The top five sales in DC this week are nothing that's going to shock you, rock you, or make you think twice. Can you guess what quadrant they were all in? You could probably go a step further and guess a few of the nabes. So yes, Georgetown and the hoods around it are representing with the top sale going for $5.5M, which seems like a lot but is nearly $1M less than listing. Score! And the rest of the houses? Gorgeous places that we can only ever dream of living in. Click to see some dream properties.

1. The most expensive property this week has "power" written all over it. The Presidential Penthouse at West End's Ritz Residences sold for $5,500,000 after being originally listed for $6,495,000. The Ritzy penthouse has more baths than bedrooms (6 vs. 5), 3 parking spaces, "4 additional suites" (we're not sure what that means), a wood-paneled library, more than 5,600 sq.ft. of living area, and a multitude of other powerful accountrements. And there's another Presidential Penthouse in the building. Totally twinsies!

·: Listing: 1155 23rd St [Redfin]

2. This week's second most expensive sale didn't get a cool million removed from the original list. However, the buyers still pocketed an extra $100,000 from the listed ask. Sold for $2,395,000, this Kent classical home has 7 bedrooms, 5 full baths, 2 half-baths, a heated pool that measures 20'x40', beautiful interior brickwork, and rich hardwood floors throughout. Though the house was originally built in 1969 (oh, the summer of '69!), the place looks like a newborn.

· Listing: 4916 Weaver Terrace [Redfin]

3. Our list's #3 got nearly $400,000 off the ask, which is about $50,000 per bedroom or about $100 per square foot of living space. And where's this well-endowed guy? Wesley Heights. That's in the middle of the Palisades, Spring Valley, and Foxhall Crescent. Not much else to write about this $1.8M home except that it's bigger, nicer, and a whole lot more inviting a place than any two-bedroom condo will ever be.

· Listing: 4521 Garfield St [Redfin]

4. Grabbing this 4 bedroom house for only $30,000 less than the original ask, this Georgetown row house with a welcoming front porch has a (rare indeed) 2-car garage. (Could you imagine never having to worry about parking in Gtown?) With plenty of built-ins and detailing, the $1,495,000 home seems like the perfect package.

· Listing: 1652 33rd St [Redfin]

5. And this week's #5 came in $5,000 above ask, which makes us wonder if there was an awesome bidding war. The Georgetown Victorian row house has 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a bit more than 2,400 sq.ft. of prime space. Located in the nabe's East Village (east side!), there may not be a garage, but the seller insists "parking is never an issue" on the street. And with a 4-story crib, you can also work on those cottage-cheese thighs as you hike up and down those stairs. Or you can just make sure everything that's important is on the 1st floor because stairs are for suckers.

· Listing: 3015 Cambridge Pl [Redfin]