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McLean's Ballantrae Farm Drive Opens Up Opportunity For Political Namedropping With Joe Robert's House

Colin Powell and Casper Weinberger are the first two names mentioned whenever someone drives past Ballantrae and wants to do a little namedropping, since both those famous ones have lived on this street. No one usually mentions Joe Robert who also lived there unless they are trying to impress someone who works in the real estate world. Because this guy was a big deal in that sector. (And by big we mean really freakin' huge, but that's a mini-series for another day). His house is now on the market for an amazing $11.5M, which doesn't quite qualify it as the most expensive in McLean, but is certainly towards the top of the list.

The property is over six and a half acres and comes with a tennis court, pool, koi pond, and two extra houses on the grounds (one of them is the 19th century original farmhouse that has been restored). The main house is a five bed, six bath and comes with all the usual fixings that go along with a house this expensive. We won't bore you with the litany, but think wine cellar, think huge kitchen, think BIG.

· Listing: 1288 Ballantrae Farm Drive [WFP]
· Historic McLean home of late millionaire Joe Robert goes on the market [WaPo]

Photos via WFP