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This Is Not Where Romney's $50,000 A Plate Fundraiser Is Being Held Tonight, But It's Close.

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Mr. Car Elevator himself will be in Washington Harbour tonight for a fundraiser that just happens to cost a pretty penny (the Post obtained a copy of an invitation so make sure to check that out). While that is taking place in one of the penthouses, a floor away from all the mingling and hobnobbing is this two bedroom duplex that is on the market for $1,395,000. Since you can't be too smart in this wonky town and neither can your casa, this place comes with "Smart House technology", lots of extras, two balconies, and incredible views. The listing description boldly announces it is "priced to sell" at $1,395,000. Just make sure to budget for the HOAs and buying intelligent furnishings.

· Listing: 3030 K St NW #209 [Redfin]
· Romney plans trio of D.C. fundraisers, including $50K-per-person dinner in Georgetown [WaPo]
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Washington Harbour

3030 K Street, Washington, DC 20007