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Hot Rentals In Or Near Adams Morgan For Under $1500

We're going to do a little better than yesterday's Craigslist AMo hovel where you've got absolutely no privacy. But whether you're barely surviving after an afternoon of binging or prefer the more sophisticated side of the nabe, there's probably an apartment for you. Just make sure you check out all of the unit's ins-and-outs so you're not stuck with something you regret. Because waking up in the middle of the night to the raucous laughter of drunkards does not make for a pleasant morning. We speak from experience on that one.

4. Biltmore Street and Columbia Road.
Monthly Rent: $600
Bedrooms: 1 (shared house)
Bathrooms: 1 (all yours)
The Perks: This is as private a space as you will find for a shared row house at this price. It is a basement room, but boasts a full size window. It comes with its own bathroom for you to use and there's enough room for a queen-sized bed, desk, and several shelves.

3. 2637 16th St
Monthly Rent: $1,425
Bedrooms: 0
The Perks: Profiled before and (technically) on the "wrong side" of 16th St to be considered AMo, this building has views galore. And why is that? Because every apartment is hooked up with a balcony. So whether you're looking over 16th St or east over 15th, you can always enjoy a beverage with the view.

2. 2400 16th St
Monthly Rent: $1,156
Bedrooms: 0
The Perks: This listing ain't playing around. You need verification of income and a few other docs to secure this studio across from Meridian Hill Park and 2 blocks from 18th St businesses. The place has 2 closets and access to plenty of transport options. Just make sure you've got everything in order before applying. PS: Enjoy the unmade bed.

1. Ontario & Columbia Rd
Monthly Rent: $925
Bedrooms: 1
The Perks: The plus side is the cheap rent. The downside is that you'll have roommates. And according to the ad, it'll be 3 of them. Granted, they claim to be professionals, and the post looks like it's made by a reasonable writer. And it's only for the month of July too. So don't get too comfortable. But if you need to break up with your awful partner, here's your potential escape route.

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