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Craiglist Doubles As Real Estate Site And Place To Vent

Craiglist doesn't disappoint for afternoon diversions and here's a house that has been the location for a local soap opera. As the not-bitter-at-all writer of the ad states, "After a long, grueling divorce, FINALLY it's over."

She got the house, in case you couldn't tell, and is looking for cash only offers of $275,000 (absolutely no details on beds or baths, but plenty on the nature of the break up). She also offers the advice that the house needs work and, possibly, fumigation because this is where the husband (ahem) entertained his mistress. Having won the place in the settlement she wants to unload it as fast as possible and move onto bigger and better things. And while there may be work needed, "time is of the essence" since she's got legal bills, so you'll probably score a sweet deal.