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Torpedo Factory Penthouse Sexes Things Up

No wonder this place went under contract so quickly. Nothing announces sexy real estate like an open floor plan and a connection to the military-industrial complex. (Come on, everything is phallic when it comes to weapons.) And this Torpedo Factory penthouse in Alexandria has got sexy down. With more than 1,300 sq.ft. of libido-inducing living space, there's 1 bedroom for adult fun, 1.5 bath for a bit more adult fun, and plenty of windows if you want others to see the action. (To each his or her own.) Plus, the penthouse is close to restaurants and bars in Old Town, so you can nosh on some energy-enhancing foods to keep you going. All this for $599,000, but someone has already jumped onto this bad boy, so all we can do is admire the (slightly enhanced) listing photos from afar.

· Listing: 115 Lee St N [Redfin]