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New Interview With Evermay Buyers; DC's Underwater Mortgages; New Real Estate Agency For H Street

GEORGETOWN—The couple who bought Evermay and Halcyon House granted the Post an interview and shed a little more light on their background and their plans for the historic properties. [WaPo]

H STREET—The inbox holds news of a new real estate agency opening called Dwell Residential (no relation to the shelter mag) in a neighborhood that is sure to see plenty of real estate activity in the next few years. We've pasted the press release after the jump. [CurbedInbox]

DC—Sure, everyone says the local housing market is doing well. But what about the thousands of homeowners who still have an underwater mortgage? Zillow crunched the numbers for the Where We Live blog. [WaPo]

Press Release:
New H Street Brokerage -- Dwell Residential -- Breaks the DC Real Estate Mold

Washington, D.C. - June 21, 2012 – Dwell Residential Brokerage opened its doors today, bringing a fresh, new perspective to the DC, MD, and VA real estate scene. The company’s focus is on helping buyers and sellers harness the power of real estate in order to create a lifestyle they love. The Dwell Philosophy & Manifesto turns the typical real estate purchase upside down and asks its buyers and sellers to approach their real estate decisions in a completely out-of-the-box way.

Dwell Residential is the brainchild of owner Jennifer Myers, an award-winning agent with more than 10 years of real estate experience in the Washington metro area. She wanted to create a completely different type of brokerage that not only caters to clients’ needs and budgets but also to their hopes and dreams.

“I truly believe that real estate has the power to create so much and is the gateway to where you want to be in life -- financially, physically, and mentally,” explains Myers. “We want our clients to see this possibility, live their dream lives, and understand how real estate can make that all happen.”

Dwell Residential’s office is located in the heart of the H Street Corridor, the perfect place to grow this new, young and different business model. It’s a technologically savvy brokerage whose small size enables it to provide a superior buying and selling experience for its clients. Dwell’s agents – a very select, handpicked team – follow Myers’ unique system by working hard to find a home that fits into its clients’ lifestyle but doesn’t involve sacrificing that morning latte.

Myers has been a strong advocate for first-time buyers throughout her entire career. Dwell Residential Brokerage will continue Myers’ vow to never let what happened to her as a young, first-time buyer ever happen to one of her clients. She could have received $50,000 through a first-time homebuyer assistance program but her agent never told her about the program. At Dwell, connecting clients to the latest federal or local programs is a top priority.

The brokerage’s motto, “Dwell in Possibility,” captures the brokerage’s philosophy about the potential of real estate. Dwell strives to ensure its clients really think about what they want out of a home and what type of life they really want to lead. And, the Dwell team is determined to show them every step of the way.

“Whether you want to live in a certain neighborhood, make room for your new baby, or achieve financial stability or independence, real estate can help you realize that dream,” says Myers.

Dwell also does the same for first-time sellers and investors, showing them how to make the right real estate decisions for their particular goals and objectives -- making their goals and dreams a reality.

To learn more about Dwell Residential Brokerage and owner Jennifer Myers, please visit

About Jennifer Myers:

Jennifer Myers, owner of Dwell Residential, is an award-winning real estate agent with more than 10 years of experience in the D.C. metropolitan area. In 2010 she was named a “Best Of” DC Real Estate Agent in the Washington City Paper. She has been featured in Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Realtor Magazine, Washington City Paper, Urban Turf and seen on ABC, NBC, CBS & HGTV. Jennifer was also part of an exciting collaboration with other industry experts in the best seller, Shift Happens: America’s Premier Experts® Reveal Their Biggest Secrets to Help You Thrive in the New Economy. Jennifer’s chapter, “First, Decide That Success is the Only Option. Then, Do Not Waiver,” highlights how her own passion and belief in putting clients first helped her create a thriving business that she loves.

She has been a top producer in Washington since her first year as an agent and has helped hundreds of clients buy and sell real estate, but at the same time making each one feel as though they were her only client.

Her energetic determination and knowledge of the local housing market keep her on the front lines of the DC real estate scene. As a young homeowner herself, Myers knows firsthand the benefits of owning your own place but also understands the concerns that young buyers may have. She enjoys the excitement of working with first-time buyers and sellers and helping them realize their real estate dreams.

Myers lives in Washington, D.C., with her Yorkie, Cannoli. When not working with clients, she enjoys training for triathlons with the DC TriClub and checking out all of the new and wonderful restaurants around town.

You can reach Jennifer at 202-905-4335 or email her at