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Politicians Go Seersucker; Retail Incubator For Baltimore

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Welcome to Racked DC where we dig deep into the retail world and let you know about the latest happenings in fashion and shopping. Know of something interesting coming to town? Send the news into our tipline.

THE HILL—Today is Seersucker Thursday and politicians got in on the fun as you can see from the above picture. Random fact: 'seersucker' comes from the Persian words for milk and honey. [WTOP]

LOGAN CIRCLE—If you haven't had a chance to make it to the new Buffalo Exchange yet, here's a photo gallery of the store that just opened. [DCist]

Apologies, we should have clarified that this above photo is from their 2006 event. If there are any photos posted for this year we will add them to the post. Thanks to the commenter who pointed this out.

INTERWEBS—Washingtonian has a review of two online services that are a way for men to get personal styling services without having to go into a clothing store. The two services reviewed operate slightly differently so click over for exact details, but one of them includes customers receiving a 'trunk' of clothes to choose from and then sending back what they don't want, free of charge. [Washingtonian]

GEORGETOWN—Lots of well-dressed pretty people showed up to the fashion show/fundraiser Summer of Hope. The curator of the event gave Dish a picture-by-picture tutorial of each look that she put together for the runway. [Dish]

BALTIMORE—Someone bought an old firehouse and plans to turn it into a business incubator, including space for retail companies to get going. Clothes and shoes are two of the products they hope to promote from the space. [BmoreMedia]

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