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How To Turn A Monastery Into A Family Home

Sometimes pictures just aren't enough. Especially when the house sits on the Severn River and was converted from an 80-monk monastery. We're talking about The Friary, of course, the $32M house in Annapolis that currently belongs to Steve and Maxine Phillips of Phillips Seafood fame. In this case the pictures only tell part of the story, but the people behind the project have even more details to share.

The house had to undergo such a massive renovation to accommodate the 'merging geometries' of the property's history that the entire design team was posed with numerous challenges during the whole renovation process. After the jump is a video tour with interviews from the architect, designers, construction manager, and owners who all explain exactly how they made the house go from an austere monastery to family home chic.

· Listing: The Friary [Sotheby's International Realty]

· The Friary [YouTube/Sotheby's]