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This Time It Was A Real Estate Agent Who (Almost) Got The Shaft Through A Craigslist Scam

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Katja Horn, a local realtor at Avery Hess, has this tale of being CraigsRE-listed. She posted an ad for a $2,200/month rental and heard nothing for a day which is, "like eternity for Craigslist postings". Donning her detective hat she searched for the ad as a regular consumer and found someone had re-listed it for only $800. She posed as someone interested in renting the property and emailed the contact who then wrote back saying they were out of town but if they drove by the property and decided they were still interested they could rent it, but it would require a cash deposit.

After some back and forth she revealed that she was the actual owner of the house and, "the person responded by calling me names and was clearly disgusted by me ruining their scam." Luckily she ended up finding a renter when she happened to be working in the front yard and someone who had fallen for the scam drove by to check out the property. Horn explained the whole dirty deal and they ended up renting from her anyway.

· Have You Been Craigs-RE-Listed? [AveryHess via MRIS]