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Hot Rentals In Or Near Shaw For Under $1500

So did you figure out Shaw's vibe? We haven't either because the nabe is a bit of everything and it's evolving into something more. And while there are plenty of properties on the market in Shaw, the rental scene is pretty limited. You can blame that on "neighborhood creep" since everyone and his mother wants to list his place as "Logan" or "U Street" even when it sits a block from Shaw Metro. But fear not because we found a few rentals either in Shaw or close enough to it. And really, if it's a good deal, what's a few extra blocks anyway? Just a bit more walking.

· The Ten Least Expensive Properties In Or Near Shaw [CDC]

3. 1201 6th St
Monthly Rent: $1,379
Bedrooms: 1
The Perks: Located on the southern end of Shaw, Washington Apartments looks like something you'd find in the suburbs. But the price (at least online) appears to be right. The listing has more info on what's available in the nabe than what the complex has to offer.

2. 607 Florida Ave
Monthly Rent: $1,375
Bedrooms: 1
The Perks: Here's the quintessential DC listing: an English basement. Located near 6th and Florida, this basement has plenty of space, renovations, and charm. And it's next to everything that matters.

1. 1614 6th St
Monthly Rent: $1,100
Bedrooms: 1
The Perks: Do you want to live with a gay guy and a straight girl? So many possibilities there if you were sharing a bedroom. But you're not because this listing is for a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath fully furnished townhouse. These guys have a regular work schedule and know how to spell. So they must not be that crazy.