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There's No Bathtub Like Thiiiis Bathtub

Cue the Ethel Merman impersonations because this bathtub on a half shell wants to be the star of the show. Or, for the younger set, this is a perfect place to reenact the entire score of The Little Mermaid. This 4 bed, 3.5 bath house has had twenty thousand slivered off its asking price so the sellers now want $969,900 for your trouble. There's a nice mix of carpeting and hardwood floors on the inside and the half acre lot is filled with trees on the outside (it helps that it is in Alexandria). But all you really want is that bathtub, don't you?

· Listing: 1212 Shenandoah Rd [Zillow]

Video from YouTube

· Ethel Merman "There's No Business Like Show Business" [YouTube]