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The Mint Is Almost Sold Out; Challenges Of Selling The Corcoran

DC—Our friends over at Eater have put together a map of all the best waterfront dining options that have great views. Places like Sou'wester and Amuse at Le Meridian make the list. [EDC]

ECKINGTON—A fancy new condo building called The Mint only has two units left. This is the building that has everyone buzzing because it reached an average price per square foot of $400, which is high for this neighborhood is that is somewhere between on the cusp or just before it. [CurbedInbox]

THE MALL—With all the talk about the Corcoran possibly selling its building, that begets the question of who would want to buy it? The Post goes deep on the different challenges of trying to sell a building designed to house art and not much else. [WaPo]

Corcoran Gallery of Art

500 17th Street NW, Washington, DC 20006 202 639 8574