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The Only Million Dollar House Around Dashes Our Dreams

Since houses asking exactly one million dollars are rare they always catch our eye when we find one and what a shame this one didn't come through. It started out right on the money at 1,000,000 but then a one hundred thousand dollar price cut punctured our hopes of an even steven sale. To stick the knife in a little further the final close price was $860,000. We've gone looking for other listings to soothe our soul and we found this 2 bed, 3 bath in Columbia Heights but from looking at the exterior picture it doesn't seem likely to fetch that high a figure. The description boasts the value is in the land which measures 7,250 square feet so, er, that's some wishful thinking. Those pictures are after the break.

Our apologies, we briefly had the wrong pictures imported in the gallery. They have been changed.

· Listing: 3325 20th St N [Redfin]
· The Only Million Dollar House Around Is In Arlington [CDC]
· Listing: 3579 13TH St NW [Redfin]