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Republican Uses Democrat As Selling Point While Also Supporting Rent Control

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Huffington Post has the story on a young mover and shaker in the local Republican circles who is looking for a new roommate. The national finance director of the Young Republican National Federation, Cherie Short, posted this ad on Craigslist and a Yahoo listserv looking for a mature roommate to come share this prime row house in Georgetown. The ad boasts that this O Street home is on the same street as John Kerry's DC house (seen here before a fundraiser) and is a rent controlled living situation. Strange that a Republican—the finance director, no less—would promote such socialist practices, but there you have it. Vive la difference! (When Georgetown rents are at stake). The second photo in the gallery shows the complete text of the ad.

· $1075 Georgetown prime row house room. Rare Find, Rent Controlled [Craigslist via HuffPo]
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