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A Good-Looking Rendering Means Things Aren't Looking Good For Old City Green

Where there's smoke, there's fire. And where there are renderings there are probably going to be evictions. A few days ago Old City Green wrote into PoP saying they were losing their lease due to a condo development planning for their corner of the city (9th and N). But there is a public hearing scheduled for June 21st that had given some hope that the public would be able to come out in support of OCG and delay their departure at least until after the holiday shopping period (when they make thirty percent of their profits). But now that renderings have been released for this five-story, seventy-unit building that suggests the developers are cruising right along on schedule. This is a joint project between CAS Riegler and Douglas Development since they both own portions of that corner. PGN is the company on tap for the architecture side of things.

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