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Two Pools And Shorter Walls Are Friendly Estate's Next Steps


The house across from Tudor Place that is referred to as either the Friendly Estate or the Williams-Addison house is starting a new, hopefully happier, chapter in its long life. Neighbors were pissed about the endless construction, retaining walls built higher than was permitted, and the possibility of the grounds being subdivided into smaller lots. But all that is over and a new firm, Capital City Real Estate, is on the case. Architect Dale Overmyer presented plans for alterations to the house to the Old Georgetown Board and while they weren't exactly embraced, people at the meeting seemed to have a little more faith that it wasn't going to be another construction nightmare. Not so loved were the plans for a glassed-in porch, parking court, and a new patio. They did approve an outdoor pool which will double the number of pools the house already has since there is a half-finished indoor pool already waiting in the basement.

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Friendly Estate

1645 31st Street NW, Washington D.C.,