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The Greenest House In Arlington Is Now On The Market

A house with no leaks is the latest addition to the local population of earth-friendly homes. This so-called "passive house" manipulates air and sunlight to control the temperature inside the home instead of using a regular heating and cooling system. It joins two other passive homes—one in Bethesda and one in DC to make the greater metropolitan passive house trifecta complete. We were able to get a tour of the house and see some of the finer details that went into building this, but if you want a refresher on the science behind how passive houses stay warm in winter and cool in the summer take a look at our coverage of the house in Bethesda. As for this 4 bed, 3.5 bath, it is a 3,800 square foot home (plus two-car garage) in Arlington's Barcroft neighborhood asking $1.25M. Besides the passive aspect, there are many more green features which we've spelled out in the captions for each photo (bamboo floors, no VOC products, water-saving get the idea). You can see it all in person this Saturday the 16th during the open house from 1-4pm. The developers, Southern Exposure Homes, will be on hand to answer questions, give a few guided tours, and help explain exactly how a passive house works.

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Photos from Southern Exposure Homes

Arlington Passive House

Barcroft , Arlington, Va