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Designing For Industry In A Post-Industrial Age

The guy that designed this building next to Union Station, Lafayette Tower on 17th Street, and a few other famous sites will the focus of a new exhibit at the National Building Museum starting June 16th, 2012. Kevin Roche is his name and the exhibit "Architecture as Environment" will look at architecture in a post-industrial age. Roche came to prominence from working with Eero Saarinen (aka Mr. Dulles Airport) but he is now known for his work on large scale projects that incorporate not only a visual aesthetic but also the practical considerations of transportation, the environment, and creating public spaces. The gallery above shows some of his more famous works, including a shot of Roche and Saarinen working on a model of the TWA terminal.

· Architecture As Environment [OfficialSite]

Photos from Kevin Roche, John Dinkeloo and Associates; Eero Saarinen Collection; Ezra Stoller/Esto.

National Building Museum

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