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Here's A Mansion That Belonged To A Relative Of Edgar Allan Poe

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This house used to belong to Philip Livingston Poe, cousin of Edgar Allan Poe, but was built around 1875 after Edgar died. So it isn't a "famous person slept here" story, but it is still a cool house. The front entrance is more than a foyer, less than a ballroom and one of the seven fireplaces is there to greet you when you come in. There have been many modern updates and an addition since the current owners raised seven kids there and have twenty-five grandchildren that need places to sleep when they come over. We've got some of the pictures here, but there are plenty more on the listing site. The asking price for this eight bed, five bath is $1,950,000.

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Edgar Allan Poe House & Museum

203 North Amity Street, Baltimore, MD 21223