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Historic Housing Meets Its Match; Possible Tom Hanks Sighting In The Future; New Website For Finding Condos

CHARLOTTESVILLE—An internet millionaire bought the historic Carter’s Grove in 2007, but then said millionaire lost the bulk of his money and now the house sits empty and uncared for. For the saga of the house and how the buyer lost his money check out the full article. [WaPo]

VIRGINIA BEACH—Remember when Somali pirates held the Maersk Alabama hostage in the middle of the ocean? Well, that story is being turned into a movie starring Tom Hanks and part of the filming will take place in Virginia Beach. [WTOP]

INTERWEBS—A local real estate agency that specializes in condos wrote in to let us know they've revamped their website so it is easier to navigate and it has a cool map feature that takes you directly to a list of condos in each neighborhood. [BuyDCCondos via CurbedInbox]