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Summer Bragging Rights Belong To Rosedale

By mid-morning tomorrow summer in the city will have officially begun. The Rosedale Community Center has a brand new building and pool and Mayor Gray will be on ribbon-cutting duty tomorrow at 11:30 am. CORE architects were the designers of this endeavor and they sent over some pictures as well as a description of the project that turned a depressing building into something fun. Here's what the Inbox held:

The façade is masonry construction of red and black brick with a pitched
standing seam metal roof on two of the volumes. The third volume is the same
masonry construction, but with a modular green roof and collected rainwater
irrigation. The design is the two masses of the gym and the library
connected in the middle by a third mass at a different angle. The
combination of materials give the building a striking look with expanses of

fritted and clear glass to provide natural light. · CORE [OfficialSite]
· All CORE coverage [CDC]

Photos from CORE