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The Top Housing Sales Of The Past Week

There is a flurry of activity on the real estate market right now as selling season hits it stride. So we may as well see what things are going for at the top end of the market (we look at the activity at the other end of the spectrum every week with our Least Expensive series). This week the top two spots are both in Chevy Chase while Georgetown only makes an appearance once. Time to step up your game, G-town!.

? · 6307 Broad Branch Road, Chevy Chase, Md
This five bed, six bath went for $2,150,000 after going on the market in March for $2,495,000. The sellers took an even bigger loss than that from looking at the price history since it last sold for $2,800,000 in 2006 (but, disclaimer, we're just looking at the listing info. We haven't reached out to anyone for comment).

? · 163 Quincy St, Chevy Chase, MD
This one is still under construction by Sandy Spring Builders, but that didn't stop someone from paying $1,750,000 for it.

? · 5101 Yuma Ct NW
A five thousand square foot house in Spring Valley sold for $1,650,000, which was one thousand below its original asking price when it entered the market in January.

? · 3315 Fessenden St NW
It took a few price drops, but once this five bed, five bath hit the magic number of $1,595,000 it took about a week to find a buyer.

? · 3314 R St NW
This is the first Georgetown house to show up toward the top of the sales data. It is a 4 bed, 3.5 bath that sold for $1,520,000 after starting out at $1,625,000 in January 2012.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that things take a while to show up in public records, so sales may very well have taken place that we haven't included simply because the info isn't readily available.