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What A Difference A Whole Foods Makes

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Click through the gallery for information about each building. [CDC]

The battle of the cranes is going strong a few blocks on 14th Street just north of the Whole Foods at 14th and P. What used to be a street people would venture down with caution has become a hip place to see and be seen, and most people cite the Whole Foods as the major catalyst to bring people to the neighborhood. We took a spin down there a few days ago to take in all the activity and these photos are just the big buildings that are going up. There are even more smaller residential projects happening either side of this bustling artery. Know of one you want to see covered? Send it to our tipline.

· Capitol View On 14th [OfficialSite]
· Northern Exchange [OfficialSite]
· Louis At 14th [OfficialSite]
· The District [OfficialSite]
· The Aston [OfficialSite]

The Northern Exchange

1401 R St., NW , Washington, DC 20009,

The District

2026 Walnut Street, , FL 32206 Visit Website

Capitol View on 14th

2420 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Jefferson 14w

1331 W Street, NW , Washington, DC , 20009