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Super Secret House Formerly Owned By Ted Kennedy For Sale

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Beds: 10
Baths: 8.5
Price: $9,995,000

There's a house on Chain Bridge in McLean overlooking the Potomac that just hit the listing service and we don't know much about it, except the listing boasts a connection to Ted Kennedy (who sold a McLean house for about six million many moons ago and we're pretty sure this is the same one, but, be warned, that's going on nothing but memory, folks). There aren't any interior pictures and the sellers don't want the address disclosed. Seeing as how it sits on over six acres of land it would be hard for them to see prospective buyers coming if they decided to just drop by unannounced. The ten thousand square foot house is asking just under ten million dollars. We have one more picture of the other side of the house and an image of the plat after the jump. Update (5/23/12): We've added a brief video tour after the jump that shows a few interiors.

· Undisclosed Address, McLean [Redfin]

· 636 Chain Bridge Road [YouTube]

Photos from HomeVisit

Edward Kennedy's House-Embassy Of Gabon

2416 Tracy Place, Washington, DC