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Four Days On The Market and Bam! This Two Million Dollar House

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Our apologies: We misunderstood communication from our sources. This house is not under contract as of Tuesday 5/22/2012 and is still fully available.
Okay, now it's official. The house is under contract as of 6/7/2012.

A new renovation in Kalorama generated a tremendous amount of interest over the weekend and the real estate agent tells Curbed that it will mostly likely be under contract by the middle of the week. From the sunken entrance to the porch off of a bathroom, this house has too many design features too mention but it is still impressive that with a $2,695,900 asking price it has had about one hundred and thirty visitors over the past four days. The house is large at 4,800 square feet, with four beds and four and a half baths (plus several parking spaces), but the biggest part of the house is the living room that is thirty-three feet wide thanks a few incarnations of remodeling. Once upon a time this house was merged with the one next door to make a massive manse, but then the two properties were divided back up again except for the second floor. This house managed to hold onto that level and turn it into a huge place to hang out.

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