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Some Of The Area's Most Impressive Homes On Display This Weekend; Justice Breyer's Georgetown Break-In

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GEORGETOWN—Justice Breyer's house was broken into on or around Star Wars Day (May 4th), but no one was home at the time. A housekeeper discovered the break-in, but the spokesperson who confirmed the story to the Post wouldn't say what was missing (but no court documents were missing). Poor guy, his Caribbean home was also broken into in Feb, by a masked man wielding a machete. [WaPo; WaPo]

HERE—Overload your senses on high-end homes this weekend with the Washington Luxury Tour sponsored by TTR Sotheby's. There are twenty-one luxurious houses open to the public for the first time and they're not all in Georgetown. Great Falls, Chevy Chase, Alexandria are some of the suburban sites—but plenty of the usual DC neighborhoods are on the list too, including a penthouse in the Watergate. Tickets cost $45 and will go to support two charities, the USO and Maya Angelou Young Adult Learning Center. The full list of houses you can tour is on their website. [OfficialSite]