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A Larger Than It Looks Palisades House For Less Than A Million

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This isn't really a starter home, but it might be considered a starter Palisades home. In a neighborhood with many multi-million dollar listings we found one that is a mere $829,900 for a four bed, three bath fully detached house with driveway. The 1,950 square feet mean some of those bedrooms are somewhat small or awkwardly configured, but there is still enough space for a family. The sellers are hoping you'll be swayed by the climate-controlled storage room that has a few staged wine bottles to suggest it could be a wine cellar. Update: The seller got in touch with us to let us know that what we called 'staged' wine bottles are in fact part of an actual wine storage system that her husband and brother-in-law built themselves. They poured the concrete counter and built the shelves with their own hands, so not only is it a real wine cellar it comes with a custom-built place to store the bottles. There are two pictures of the handiwork after the jump.

· Listing: 1416 Foxhall Rd NW [Zillow]