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Hot Rentals in Trinidad for Under $1500

We got it: The rental market is hot, hot, hot. And Trinidad is tropical heat hot because it's got so much going for it, such as access to public transit, nearby nightlife amenities, and a pretty good return on your dollar. But what's this nabe's story with rentals? Bedrooms, baby. Yeah, for under $1500, you can get one of those rooms we've heard so much about. You know, where you can close your door and hide that place where the magic (sometimes) happens from the rest of your visitors. So if it's space you want, take a look at these listings.

3. 1277 Simms Pl
Monthly Rent: $1,300 (including water only)
Bedrooms: 1
Baths: 1
The Perks: This 1 bedroom apartment is small pet-friendly and comes loaded with features like a washer and dryer (great cleaning your party clothes after working up a sweat at a nearby H St club), dishwasher, an intercom system, and basement storage.

2. 1276 Raum St
Monthly Rent: $1,300
Bedrooms: 1
Baths: 1
The Perks: In this pet-friendly unit, you're dollar certainly can stretch out in more than 700 sq.ft. of space. It's new construction and renovations with stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, claw tub and marble sink in the bathroom, and remarkably 17 ft. ceilings.

1. 1255 Meigs Pl
Monthly Rent: $1,150 (excluding utilities)
Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 1
The Perks: Well, for starters, this place is listed for 800 sq.ft. So it's got space in its favor. It also has 2 bedrooms, so you can always split the rent or have an office if you work from home. The apartment also comes loaded with features, such as "wood floors, recessed lighting, upgraded appliances, dishwasher, [and] washer/dryer". Unfortunately, if you've pets, you're out of luck with this listing.