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Pizza Week Madness; Belgian Spot Headed to 14th Street

This week's top dish from Eater DC, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

PIZZA WEEK SPECIALS—All week long has been Pizza Week over on Eater. They enlisted a few local restaurants to create special limited-time-only pies in celebration and there's still time to try the pies at Rustico, La Forchetta, Graffiato, Urbana, Pizzeria Orso and Bibiana.

LOGAN CIRCLE—Belga Cafe's Bart Vandaele revealed plans this week to open a second Belgian restaurant this year named B Too. It'll join the plethora of restaurants headed to 14th Street in Logan Circle and serve fries from a window at night.

EVERYWHERE—Eater also busted out some maps for Pizza Week, so here's a look at the best pizzeria for drinking beer and best pizzas that might not actually be pizza.

CLEVELAND PARK—Ever visited 2 Amys on a Saturday evening and been dismayed at the wait for a table? Yeah, join the club. Eater talked to manager Debbie Johnson about the best way to deal with the wait and the Neapolitan pizzeria's VIP guests.

JUMBO SLICE POWER HOUR—Yesterday was Pizza Week's official Jumbo Slice Power Hour, a full hour of nothing but nonstop coverage of that culinary wonder known as the jumbo slice. Chefs recall their funniest jumbo slice experiences and debate whether jumbo slice reflects on DC's culinary scene. There are also bad Photoshops of celebrities eating jumbo slice.

LOGAN CIRCLE—Though not a pizzeria, Birch & Barley has a tradition of making pizza on Monday afternoons to feed their staff during family meal. Eater sat in on this week's and there's a gallery of food porn and observations waiting to induce your hunger.

CRYSTAL CITY—Spike Mendelsohn's Good Stuff Eatery opened its second location out in Crystal City this week. Eater has a look inside, plus some details on what's different at this new spot.

A SNOB'S GUIDE—Need a primer on pizza to impress your friends at the next pizza party? Eater put together a glossary of all the important pizza-related terms, styles and restaurants at which you can find all the varieties of pizza you need.

CHINATOWN—The folks over at Graffiato broke down the numbers for their pizza-making, such as how many dough balls they use per day or pounds of calamari for the week.

AWARDS SEASON—The James Beard Awards, the biggest awards in the restaurant industry, were held earlier this week and DC chefs and restaurants were fully shut out.