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CoHi Loft With Enough Room To Call Itself A Two Bedroom

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If this condo didn't have the master bedroom on the first floor then the upstairs loft area would be where you put the bed and, naturally, this would be a one bedroom. Thus, since it does have the master on the first floor this counts as a two bedroom, even though one of the 'rooms' doesn't have a door. The almost one thousand square foot condo—with one and a half baths—is in hot Columbia Heights and has low(ish) monthly fees of $309 per month. It squeaks under the half a million mark with an asking price of $499,900.

· Listing: 3039 16th St [Redfin/BeaslyRE]

Zydeco Lofts

3039 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009,