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Vintage Clothing Store To H Street; Gala Season Survival Tactics; Alexandria Gets Lookbook Love

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Welcome to Racked DC where we dig deep into the retail world and let you know about the latest happenings in fashion and shopping. Know of something interesting coming to town? Send the news into our tipline.

CALIFORNIA—Last week fashion bloggers from all over the country convened for the Lucky convention and since it wasn't in the usual New York there was 'less black-on-black ferociousness', but lots of colorful style tips instead. [Washingtonian]

DC—Spring is gala season for the District's movers, shakers, and big time donors and Capitol File has a gallery of the runway looks that would be best for the Corcoran Ball, Opera Ball, Ball On The Mall and more. [CF]

H STREET—The vintage clothing store C.A.T. Walk Boutique has opened up as of last week. [OfficialSite; FrozenTropics]

ALEXANDRIA—La Petite Marmoset has a new lookbook that was shot at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria. In some pictures it is hard to tell where the gardens end and the bohemian-chic begins. [Refinery29)