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Barry Farm, Just Looking For Some Love

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Here now, From Curbed Marketplace, highlighting an intriguing real estate listing from the many thousands of properties found in the Curbed Marketplace. Browsing the Marketplace and spot a property worthy of being featured? Send it to the tipline.

This newly remodeled house is suffering from guilt by association. The place is in great condition and is a fully detached house. But, still no takers. It was a $245,000 house but very quickly became a $235,500 house, which is a sure sign of a motivated seller. Now the asking price has come down to $229,900 and if people weren't so scared of two little letters (SE) then it would find a buyer quickly. Will the third price shave be what does it for this three-bed, two-bath?

· Listing: 2520 West St. SE [Zillow]
· Way To Class Things Up, Barry Farm [CDC]