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Up We Go. A New Most Expensive House For The Area.

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The ongoing ping pong match between Northern Virginia and DC over who has the most expensive listing has swung back over to Virginia. No longer is sixteen million enough to top the market. It's going to take eighteen million at least. In the leafiest part of leafy McLean is a new to market house asking $17.9M. You'll have to trust us on the leafy part since the seller would prefer not to disclose the address (he's a mega-successful lawyer at a mega-successful law firm). But we took a drive by to check out the digs and confirm the overall high-end, top of the market, river views, sweeping driveway. etc. etc. Indoors there are six bedrooms and nine bathrooms, but we didn't make it anywhere close to seeing inside and the photos don't show anything of the sort.

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