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Where Architecture Meets Gossip; DC Street Car Test Run

The Indonesian Embassy is one of the stops on the Insider's Tour Of DC

DC—We just heard word of a black-belt level architecture tour taking place over two and a half days from May 30 – June 1. The cost is high, but the buildings on the tour are the likes of things we've never heard of. Like the Indonesian Embassy, above, for example. For those of you who don't know, it was built for a gold-mining baron then bequeathed to his daughter, who owned the Hope diamond for a while. Click over for more details about the gossip you can learn over the course of the two days. [DCByDesignBlog]

DC—If you want to see what the street cars will look like when they hit the street, there's a demo video after the jump. [YouTube via Facebook]

ADAMS MORGAN—Those condos at WY18 are still for sale, but there are only ten left. [CurbedInbox]

Video from Youtube