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Another White House Look-Alike, But This One Is A Foreclosure

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Here is a much more affordable option for anyone who wants to live in the White House, but doesn't have the four to five million that the replica in McLean is hoping to get. This one is a foreclosure and is only a replica on the outside (unlike the one in McLean), but it only costs $1,111,000. Besides being sold as-is another requirement of the seller is that this is a cash only deal. However, the six bed/seven bath house is the coveted subdivision of The Piedmont Riding Club in Haymarket. A perfect getaway for people who want to live in the White House, but can't. Rick Santorum might want to give it a try, since it is half the price of his house in Great Falls, Virginia and is on a better-named street.

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White House Replica

1111 Towlston Road, McLean, VA