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The Ten Least Expensive Properties in Anacostia

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You're reading the title correctly: Anacostia. No, we didn't run out of other neighborhoods to profile. This week we're looking at a neighborhood that may have more than meets the eye. (1) Anacostia is only three Metro stops from downtown and is next to a freeway making commuting relatively easy. (2) If you want a house that you can call your own and you don't make six figures, there are so many options here. (3) The neighborhood is located a stone's throw from thriving Navy Yards and Hill East. Yes, Anacostia does not have the best reputation, but it's a neighborhood steeped in history. And for young singles and couples, this may be the place you can make your first home. So let's give Anacostia a shot.

10. 1625 Butler St
Asking Price: $240,000
Square Feet: 2,788
Price Per Square Foot: $86
The Lowdown: The first property in this historic hood is ideal for someone who wants to be the lord of a manor. Or at least a landlord. The 4-unit building is being converted into a 3-unit building and could provide the buyer with a source of rental income. But there are no interior pics, so we're not sure how much sweat equity you need to put into this bad boy to make it rental worthy.

9. 2216 Hunter Pl
Asking Price: $225,000
Square Feet: 1,452
Price Per Square Foot: $155
The Lowdown: There's plenty of space to spread out in this 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath Federal semi-detached house. And if it's new you want, it's new you'll get with a "new kitchen, carpet, paint, and new appliances".

8. 2268 Mount View Pl
Asking Price: $210,000
Square Feet: 1,588
Price Per Square Foot: $132
The Lowdown: The first thing that will jump out to a buyer is the poor choice of flooring for the kitchen and dining room. While the 4 bedroom, 2.5 house has great features, the mosaic granite flooring detracts from the tasteful track lighting and cabinets. That aside, this unit offers "luxury living in Anacostia at a bargain". From potential savings after purchasing this place on the cheap, consider redoing the floor.

7. 1436 V St
Asking Price: $179,000
Square Feet: 888
Price Per Square Foot: $202
The Lowdown: Oh, so cute! This 1905 semi-detached Victorian will take you back in time. It has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath and is yearning for a "buyer that can bring back the correct touch". And it's got a "long backyard" that could become perfect for outdoor entertaining.

6. 2320 Chester St
Asking Price: $179,000
Square Feet: 1,250
Price Per Square Foot: $143
The Lowdown: There's not much to say about this 2 bedroom, 1 bath condo. It's for sale by owner. And with hardly any information online, it's up a discernible buyer to determine if this is a deal worth pursuing.

5. 2325 Chester St
Asking Price: $179,000
Square Feet: 1,488
Price Per Square Foot: $120
The Lowdown: While the exterior of this 4 bedroom, 2 bath row house looks off-putting, the interior is fantastic. With hardwood floors, a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, 3 levels of living space, and a fenced-in backyard, the house has great features and has reduced its asking by around $20,000.

4. 1432 Bangor St
Asking Price: $159,900
Square Feet: 864
Price Per Square Foot: $185
The Lowdown: Who doesn't want a rec room in the basement? Perfect for setting up a man cave and/or hosting killer parties. And in this 2 bedroom, 2 bath townhouse, you can get just that. Though the interior is nice, the exterior, especially the yard, needs some TLC.

3. 1466 Morris Rd
Asking Price: $155,000
Square Feet: 980
Price Per Square Foot: $158
The Lowdown: Reduced from $175,000, this 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath 1909 detached Colonial is a short sale with several enticing features, including a deck off of the bedroom, a "deep backyard", and gated parking. The interior is in great condition, so it appears move-in ready if you've the patience for a short sale.

2. 1323 U St
Asking Price: $139,922
Square Feet: ???
Price Per Square Foot: ???
The Lowdown: Located on DC's less famous U Street, this 3 bedroom, 1 bath semi-detached house has a charming front porch and "needs rehab to meet it's full potential". However, without interior pics, it's impossible to tell how much rehab is necessary.

1. 1319 W St
Asking Price: $120,000
Square Feet: 1,066
Price Per Square Foot: $113
The Lowdown: This week's Least Expensive property is actually not the least expensive property in the neighborhood, but we placed an arbitrary value of $100,000 as a minimum threshold since there are many unsavory properties for sale below that price point. And this listing is not for the faint of heart since it requests the potential buyer needs to "bring a hammer and tools to enter" the 2 bedroom, 1 bath house. Good luck.

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