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Jenna Bush Hager And Husband Receiving Tax Credit For House They Don't Live In; McMillan Site Gets A 'No'; More!

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BALTIMORE—The saga continues with the house Jenna Bush Hager and her husband Henry bought a few years ago in Baltimore (pictured). First of all it sat on the market with a bunch of price chops until it rested at $9K above the price they paid. Then they took it off the market and turned it into a rental and now a Baltimore Sun investigation reveals that they are receiving the homestead property tax credit despite the fact that they have been living in New York. The amount is only about $300, but the article outlines why it looks pretty fishy. [previously; BaltSun]

BLOOMINGDALE—In other news, the ANC 1B has voted against the conceptual design proposed for the McMillan site development. [BloomingdaleNeighborhood]

CAPITOL HILL—The Capitol Hillbillies have started up for the season with their rolling piano and tendency to make merry music at random street corners. [Curbed Tipline; OfficialSite]