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You Certainly Had Us Fooled, Potomac

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Price: $7.5M
Beds: 9
Baths: 11/3
Dungeons: 1

This isn't the type of place you would expect a major philanthropist to have as a basement in the tonied Maryland town of Potomac, but indeed this is the home of Salvatore Joseph Bruno, previous head honcho at a whole bunch of places, and prominent do-gooder in Washington circles. Maybe his Italian background is what accounts for one ornate room after the other, but the dungeon/basement we can't explain. We've spared you all ninety-eight photos that accompany the listing, but click through the several dozen we have here to see what it is like to model a home after a museum.

· S. Joseph Bruno [Forbes via VirtualGlobetrotting]
· Philanthropist S. Joseph Bruno and Racing Icon Mario Andretti Honored By The Lido Civic Club In Washington, D.C. [CiaoAmerica]
· Listing: 11408 Highland Farm Court, Potomac, Md [LongAndFoster]

Photos from HomeVisit