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See An Early Version Of An Apple Computer And Other Relics

Last night was the press preview for the newest exhibit at the National Building Museum called House And Home which showcases household objects that have been a part of American households since we've been able to afford extra stuff. Apple computers, Cabbage Patch dolls, pink flamingos and anything else you can think of make an appearance. The exhibit opens to the public this Saturday, but we have a summary of what you can expect to see after the jump, plus a brief video and pictures of the exhibit.

House and Home is a collection of themes that all deal with the topic of the American house. Keeping with the museum’s tradition of having something for everyone, whether a professional or a layman, young or old, this exhibit tackles the housing subject with different mediums in a cohesive way. Come for the life size building mock-ups that trace the history of American construction (touching is encouraged), and stay for the sleek and artistic time lapse videos by the group Local Projects (who projected this poetic video on the side of a building in NYC). There is a whole wall full of old Americana kitschy house hold items, begging you to spot thing things you used to own. Plus, the exhibit illustrates the facts and history of the American home, ranging from public policy to banking standards. While the exhibit is short on local coverage and deals with the topic on a national level, our very own neighborhood of LeDroit is spotlighted as a case study of the successes and failures of neighborhoods. —Vaclav Malek

A lesson on early methods of framing a house by a Historic Building Curator at Historic St. Mary's City:

· House and Home Video [YouTube]
· House and Home [NBM]
· PoeMobile [Vimeo]

Photos by Vaclav Malek

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