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Hot Rentals in Cleveland Park for Under $1500

While we know Cleveland Park has great deals when it comes to Least Expensive Properties, what about rental units? It's time to sing the same old refrain: Tight market, tight supply, higher prices. And yeah, there are deals here and there, but they move quickly. However, here are few spots to check out for under $1,500. They might not be perfect, but when is real estate ever perfect? Right, when you've got lots of $$$.

3. 3220 Connecticut Ave
Rent: $1477 (inclusive)
Bedrooms: 0
Square Feet: 500
Perks: Touting immediate availability, this Parkway Apartments unit is building managed by Daro Realty. It's located near Rock Creek Park and close to the neighborhoods many amenities. The unit's listing pics include plenty of natural light, but it's anyone's guess if those pics are actually for the studio that's available.

2. 3945 Connecticut Ave
Rent: $1475 (inclusive)
Bedrooms: 0
Square Feet: NA
Perks: Located in a "village-like setting" close to Rock Creek Park, if you're looking for Zen/Nirvana/Centered-ness, this unit offers the "peace and serenity that one deserves". It's in a professionally-managed building (the same company that manages the #3 listing) that also includes 1 bedrooms for around $1800/month.

1. ???
Rent: $1400 (utilities included except cable/Internet)
Bedrooms: 0
Square Feet: 570
Perks: This one has hardwood floors, a kitchen with a dishwasher, and a large walk-in closet with a changing area. While it's not in a pet-friendly building and parking may be a challenge, the building is managed by Tilton Bernstein and has a roof deck, fitness center, and front desk that can handle deliveries.